We have 3 projects:

Read frequently asked questions in the end of this page, we update that section with questions that we get every day.

#1: FREE

Very easy, there is NO settings page. Just open your facebook page and run, the script will show you what you can do: open friends list or list of people that liked your post. You can check youtube video as an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91YuzRLOesE
Update: if you want to use bigger timeouts: close the list of people who liked your post and run the extension. An error window will be shown and I will be able to change timeouts there.

#1: PRO

First of all check the video example of the version 2.0.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5wfVwOSPpo

Where can I run it?
The best tab is Publishing Tools tab because it has pagination, so if for any reason you stop the script - you can open the page you want and run the extension there. If you want to scan DARK posts (ads), you can find them in the business manager: go to https://business.facebook.com/ then Facebook Ads => Page Posts => Choose your page => Ads Posts.

You can open Options (right click on the extension icon and choose 'Options') and check what you can change, by default it's already fine, except one thing: you can enable POPULAR: check shared posts and automatically put likes on them.

If you have more than 100 000 likes on your page - you CANNOT use Invite feature at the moment, we hope that Facebook will increase this limit in near future. But you can automatically like all shared posts, it's better to skip Invite feature in this case: click on "Do you have more than 100 000 likes on your page?" and check the option that will be shown.

Automatically put likes & comment on shared posts:
You can like all shared posts and thanks people with a comment, use this in Publishing Tools Tab.

#1: Multi-Pages & Real-Time

First of all check the video example of the version 1.0.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZe2bAjsYq0
And then version 2.0.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eIiaCPqHuc

When you run extension there are 4 buttons:
1. Full scan this page/post.
It works like FREE or PRO version (read instruction above), also if you open Friends list, it can invite all your friends (as FREE version does).
2. Real-time scan this page.
It works like the PRO version (read instructions above), with a small change: by default, it checks your newest 5 posts (you can select posts to check in Options) and then it RELOADS the page and starts again, infinity loop, so you invite people as soon as possible.
3. Full scan ALL pages.
You have to open Options (right click on the extension icon and choose 'Options') and choose pages you want to scan, there is a button to import all your pages (recommended), just import all of them and then delete pages you don't want to scan and SAVE. You can see this procedure in the video (link above).
Now just run it, the extension works like PRO version, but it automatically changes your pages and scans all posts (there is a limit 100 posts for a page, you can change that in options).
4. Real-time scan ALL pages.
Check the description of the 3rd button, it's almost the same, but it loops those pages forever, so it scan them again and again, so you can invite as soon as possible. You can also add separate posts to the list, it is described better in the Options page.
NEW: like & comment on shared posts
Now you can set up to 3 phrases and use them to thanks everyone who shared your posts :) Name of the user can be used in the text too. Also, you can like all shared posts too, in this way they get a notification and this attracts their attention :)

#2: Extension to reply on all comments, like them and send private messages to everyone who comments

First of all check the video example of the version 1.0.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtahDGi91X4

It's very intuitive extension, go to Settings (right click on the extension icon and choose 'Options') and choose text you want to use and settings you need. Here is an example of a part of settings:

#3: Auto comment and likes for Facebook™ (for reviews, check-ins, mentions, visitor posts)

Very easy to set up, check this video that shows how to setup your pages and custom comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aji9qqw4SGE
Can I use emoji in comments?
Yes, you can. Copy them from this website as text: http://www.iemoji.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the day limit work?
There is a limit of 500 invitations, that can be reset randomly (2-24h). That's why we have a limit of 490 invites for a run. Then wait for some hours and try again, fb limit depends on how many people have accepted your invitations and a lot of random :)

How is it better to buy it?
With PayPal, use this link, send the exact price and write the email (in notes) that you use in the Chrome Web Store. If you pay with no commissions (do not check the checkbox when you pay) - Money Back Guarantee will be increased to 30 days.

My page has more than 100 000 likes and I have no 'Invite' buttons.
Invite feature is disabled when you reach 100 000 likes, but, you can use automatically like shared posts and comments features. In the future, we will add more automatic things to like different elements.

My post has more than 30 000 likes and it takes too much time to check it.
It depends on your PC, your browser has to load 30 000 images, 30 000 buttons, it's a lot! If you try manually - it will freeze after 1000 buttons. But, you can disable images in your browser and this will significantly increase the speed. Check the full post just once, for next times you can check only newest likes on it.

Real-time scanning takes a lot of time to check all buttons of every post.
This happens just on the first loop, it checks all buttons of selected posts, but on the next loop, if there are no new buttons on doesn't load more, it goes to the next post ;)

Who are you?
I am just a student that love coding, 8 years ago I've created a very popular add-on for the game World of Warcraft, I don't play anymore for 5 years, but I still maintain and update it, it is fully free and it has been downloaded more than 10 000 000 times. So don't worry, I love my projects and I'll update them as long as it would be possible :) If you like my work and support - you can send a donation to the PayPal account or share my website somewhere, any help will be converted in new features, I am working all days to improve my extensions and to create new :)

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